Contributory Aged Parent Visa Subclass 864

As the name implies, the Parent Visa 864 has been quite meticulously framed particularly for those elderly people most of whose offspring have been residing in Australia by possessing a valid Australian citizenship over there. If any of these aged persons are a parent to an Australian citizen who has permanently settled over there either from New Zealand or elsewhere, they will also get the legal permission to reside in Australia for the rest of their life. To say in a nutshell, the Aged Parent Visa 864 has been framed as a positive alternative to the subclass visa 143 which actually offered similar kinds of privileges before.

There are in fact a lot of facilities that the aforesaid visa gives to the concerned person. If the individual wants to stay in Australia by being a permanent dweller over there, then applying for the same is perhaps the choicest option. Even though the means of the Contributory Aged Parent Visa Subclass 864, the candidate can now study in Australia with any possible academic program and perhaps from any organization. Not only this, if you also want to enrol yourself with any of the beneficial health schemes in Australia, you can certainly do that as well, through the means of this particular visa. Besides, you can also seek the aid of ISA Migrations & Education Consultants, who are the best and most efficient Migration Agent Australia. They will strive and help you in every possible way.

What Parent Visa 864 Lets You To Do in Australia?

By applying for the Parent Visa 864, the candidate can quite effectively reside in Australia by being a permanent citizen while enjoying all the concerned privileges offered by the Subclass 864. Besides, the applicant will also be entitled to all those rights and facilities that their children are enjoying over there.

Who Can Apply For Contributory Aged Parent Visa Subclass 864 Australia?
Since the Subclass 864 visa is primarily a sponsorship visa, the applicant has to be sponsored either by any of his/her offspring or that of any of their spouses. On top of all, the concerned person who will be sponsoring the candidate has to be above of 18 years as well as has to be a legal holder of permanent citizenship in the country.

What are Subclass 864 Aged Parent Visa Requirements?

Although Australia tends to provide its fellow immigrants ample privileges, but there are certainly a few indispensable credentials that they need to present to the concerned visa authority. However, if the candidate fails to present any of the following documents, he/she will no more remain eligible to apply for the Aged Parent Visa 864. Nonetheless, we can certainly have a look at few of the credentials concerned:

  • The applicant’s own individual documents
  • Necessary documents of the partner who he/she is carrying along with
  • Important documents for those who are below 18 years of age
  • The various documents associated with the balance of family tests
  • Authentic police statements
  • The concerned sponsorship documents for the Subclass 864

Hence, submission of the aforesaid credential is indeed a must, if the person genuinely wants to enjoy the various benefits of the Parent Visa 864.

General Eligibility Criteria For Aged Parent Visa 864

If you apply from Australia itself
Of course, you can apply for the Parent Visa 864 while being in Australia, but you can’t afford to remain in the state of immigration clearance while applying. That apart, if any of your family acquaintances also apply for the same, he/she has to be devoid of the unreasonable hassle of immigration clearance, or else both of you will entirely be denied permission for the application.

Implementation time
If the candidate submits all the necessary documents on time along with the application fees, then it doesn’t take a long while to process the entire procedure. However, if the fellow applicant shows somewhat indifference during the whole of the official procedure, then of course the effective execution of the Aged Parent Visa 864 visa will indeed take a lot of time.

Place to apply for
While applying for the Aged Parent Visa 864, you have to be in person in Australia, or else you cannot apply for the same by being anywhere else. You can either apply for a paper-oriented application either through a postal service, courier or turning up physically at the concerned visa centre all by yourself.

Must be a parent to an Australian dweller
If you are finally looking forward to applying for the aforesaid visa, you have to be the parent of a permanent Australian citizen or else you will not be considered eligible. Besides, there are primarily three consecutive criteria either of which your child needs to comply with. The following three criteria being that, he/she has to be either a temporary or permanent citizen of Australia or a valid citizen of New Zealand. If the applicant’s child satisfactorily meets any of the aforesaid requirements, then he/she can unflinchingly apply for the same.

Need to qualify in the Balance of Family Test
If the candidate wishes to apply for the aforesaid visa quite effortlessly, he/she has to successfully crack the family balance test.

A few health tests
Apart from the family balance test, you need to comply with a number of health requirements as well. For this, a certain health examination will be conducted that invariably includes a few of the health tests concerned.

A character test
This is indeed a must for the sake of a hassle-free application procedure. Both you as well as your fellow family members have to crack the character test accordingly to ensure the swiftest implementation of the aged parent visa 864.

Permission to family members
If the person is applying for the abovementioned visa, he/she can bring along the following family members:

  • Either his/her de facto partner or spouse
  • His/her concerned offspring if any
  • Any of the other family acquaintances concerned.

Aged Parent Visa Subclass 864 Checklist

Depending upon the different backgrounds of different candidates, each of them has to comply with the following criteria. Here is a checklist given for all of them to consider:

  • The applicant has to meet the required age limit criteria failing which he/she won’t get the privilege of the aged pension in Australia
  • Has to effectively crack the family balance test
  • The aged parent visa subclass 864 will abruptly become null and void especially for those whose visa was either spurned or cancelled during their prior stay in Australia.

What is Aged Parent Visa 864 Processing Time?

Well, it varies to a great extent from one person to another. Not every applicant submits the required documents within the given time frame. Hence, no specific deadline has been set for the concerned visa. Besides, there are a few vital stages that the entire of the Parent Visa 864 Processing Time has to undergo. The following being the:

  • Firstly, you have to book an appointment with an adept lawyer regarding effectually implementing the entire procedure of the Subclass 864
  • Secondly, your hired lawyer will prepare all the necessary documents on your behalf so as to get you a hassle-free access to visa concerned. The documents required indispensably being the following
    • Applicant’s Credentials
    • Credentials of his/her Partner
    • All the necessary sponsorship documents
    • Balance of Family Documents
    • Necessary documents for dependent family members below 18 years
    • Necessary documents for dependent family members above 18 years
    • After all the credentials have been procured timely, your concerned lawyer will execute each of the official procedures one after the other in relation to obtaining the Aged Parent Visa 864

General FAQs Parent Visa for Subclass 864


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