Temporary Work Visa 400

The ministry of immigration of the country of Australia has made the provision for a visa for the people who have a specific skill set and is highly qualified for a specific job. The visa is known as the temporary work short stay visa subclass 400 or temporary visa 400. The only condition is that the applicant’s skills are not available in the existing Australian population. The applicant cannot also be recruited in the entertainment industry of Australia. The Australian Visa 400 allows the visitor single or multiple entries according to the visa granted.
This visa has all other supporting clauses to be fulfilled for a stay in the country of Australia. The applicant can bring their family members if they have been also granted a visa. The validity of this visa cannot be extended more than 6 months depending on the circumstances, provided a strong need for the ongoing business is present. It is a single-point visa, which means that it cannot be extended. Also, the applicant cannot be in Australia while applying for this visa. There are other conditions and guidelines to complete for the visa procedure, so it would be a great thing to confer with a Migration Agent Australia before submitting the final documents.

What this Visa Subclass 400 Allows You To Do in Australia?

The Visa Subclass 400 is a temporary visa that allows the holder to work temporarily in Australia. The visa only requires the proof of some skill, knowledge, and activity that will benefit the business of Australia. The 400 Visa Australia allows the holder to work for a period of three months, and in cases where ample reason is available up to six months. The applicant cannot participate in any project of the entertainment industry that is to be showcased in Australia. The visa allows the inclusion of an eligible family member. The applicant must be a genuine entrant, and should not enrol themselves in study activity. There are several more conditions that are needed to be followed to get a positive response, and having a consultation with a Migration Consultant Australia should be helpful in providing the correct application documents.

What are Visa Subclass 400 Requirements?

The proofs that are required for the subclass 400 Visa Australia must be congruent with the total data and also be similar to the standards detailed. There should be properly linked confirmation for the visa subclass 400 and the title is given thereof. The basic documented proof for fulfilling the essential needs of 400 visa requirements can be itemized as;

Visa Name Documents required
Temporary Work Visa 400
Proof Of Nomination or Invitation
Evidence of age while applying for the visa.
Proof of reimbursement of outstanding debts to the government.
Proof of financial requirement fulfillment.
Proof of work or business inside Australia.
Proof of genuine entry.
Undertaking to stay in Australia within time-limit.
Undertaking to not study in Australia.
Proof of acquired skill not available in Australia.
Proof of age more than 18 years for a family member.
Evidence of no refused or cancelled visa previously.
Evidence of agreement with the Australian values statement.
Confirmation of meeting character or health requirement.

Subclass 400 Visa Eligibility Criteria

The subclass 400 visa is a temporary visa that allows the holder inside the Australian territory only if they have a specified skull not found in Australia. There are numerous conditions to apply for a 400 visa Australia which are required to be followed for an effective application. The important Australian 400 visa eligibility criteria for the application can be itemized as;

Presence of highly specialized skill-sets
The applicant must have a highly specialized skill, knowledge, or experience that are not found in the Australian labor market. The work must help the business scene of Australia and must be non-ongoing. A non-ongoing work constitutes a job that is expected to be completed within 6 months, and no arrangement of extension of stay is done using this visa.

Proof of work
The applicant must have proof of work. However, he or she cannot be a part of a production of the Australian entertainment industry which is to be broadcasted in Australia. However, the person can direct, act, or be a part of a film project that will be shown outside Australia. However, this visa allows any actor to attend a red carpet premiere; and any musical band to do a promotional tour but no performances.

Supporting of dependents
The applicant must be able to support their dependents while staying in Australia.

Health and character requirement
The candidate must meet the requirements of the health and character conditions as set up by the ministry of immigration, Australia. The candidate must also hold insurance approved by the Australian ministry.

Genuine visitor
The applicant must stay in Australia temporarily and abide by the conditions mentioned in the visa grant.

No prior refused visa
The applicant must not have a visa which has been refused or cancelled before.

Australian Subclass 400 Checklist

The 400 Visa Australia applications should be robust, free from inaccuracy, and should comprise of the essential documents required. It is best for an appropriately organized application is to organize a 400 Visa Checklist and then finding the required proof. The crucial conditions that must be confirmed before any application is presented for Australian Subclass 400 visa are;

  • You must present proof of having a skill, knowledge, or activity that are not easily found in Australia.

  • You must be above 18 years of age and have the needed proof.

  • You must have proof of work, and must not have such in the Australian entertainment projects that are to be relayed in Australia.

  • You must be a genuine entrant.

  • You must abide by the rules set by the Ministry of immigration, Australia.

  • You must have proof of financial assistance inside Australia.

  • You must not be inside Australia while applying for the visa.

  • You must not intend to study in Australia.

  • The Australian government must not hold any unpaid amount overdue from you or your family members.

  • You should not have any visa application cancelled or refused.

  • You must sign the Australian values statement.

Australian 400 visa Processing Time

The Subclass 400 visa processing time will be taken permitting the usual time for the application. To extend an application without any trouble for the Visa Subclass 400, the candidate can refer and get the assistance of a capable and skilled Immigration Agent Australia and get a constructive result in return for the claim. The usual time taken to go through the application can be stayed as;

  • 75% of applications: 13 days
  • 90% of applications: 21 days

Acquiring the help of a talented and skillful migration agent will be a worthwhile verdict for a successful application of the Visa Subclass 400.

General FAQs For 400 Visa Australia

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