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The Child Visa Subclass 802 is a visa of the Australian Government which allows the little one to stay with their parents in the country. Staying away from your parents is quite difficult for both the child as well as for the parents so the Subclass 802 Visa has been a relief for those parents whose children were residing away from them. It will also help the parents to nourish their children and can take care of them. It gives a golden chance to both the parents and their young ones to spend quality time with each other.
It signifies that the young ones should be residing in the country while applying for it. The young ones should be sponsored by their responsible parents with whom they are residing within the country. The Migration Agent Australia guides you through the visa process and clarifies all your uncertainties about the visa. The ISA Migrations & Education Consultants comes in support of those candidates who are looking to pursue their studies under the Australian government. This has been a contribution from the Australian Government for those parents who’ve been staying separate for a long time from their kids.

Who is eligible to apply for the child visa 802?

  • The young one who is appealing for 802 Child Visa Australia should be dependent on their respective parents who are a permanent New Zealand or Australian permanent visa holder or an eligible Australian citizen who is residing in the country.
  • The young ones should be presently residing in Australia when they are applying for the visa.
  • The Subclass 802 Visa can be a teenager or a tutee of age between 18 to 25 years who is pursuing his or her studies or a disabled child who cannot work.
  • The visa subclass is applicable for those who has no siblings and is alone.

What Subclass Visa 802 Lets You To Do in Australia?

The Subclass Visa 802 lets you reside in the country for an unspecified time span. Pursuing your academic career as well as working in any recognized organization is possible with visa 802. The applicant can also enrol for various health care schemes that are available in the country. You can also finance for your loved ones who wish to come and reside in the country. If you qualify for the eligibility criteria you can also apply for the citizenship of the country. Travelling to your home country is also possible with 802 Child Visa for the initial 5 years and if you still wish to continue then you can apply for Resident Return visa.

Child Visa 802 Requirements

The 802 Child Visa application form should be in the best of the knowledge of the applicant. The form ought to have all the desired information so that it does not come under the radar of dismissal. To follow the specifications you need to go through the Child Visa 802 Requirements which are described below.

  • Certificate where the date of birth of the young one is specified.

  • No money ought to be registered in the name of the parents or the young one.

  • The Visa Subclass 802 is applicable if the young one is single only.

  • The character and health specifications of the young ones should be attained.

  • Emigration is only possible if the child has a written consent.

  • Visa should not be rejected or canceled even once.

  • The statement needs to be signed stating the applicant will respect the country’s law.

Eligibility Criteria for Subclass 802 Visa

The Visa 802 applies to the young ones who should attain this certain benchmark of the visa. Missing out any point can lead to non-acceptance of your visa application. So be very cautious while filling up the form and check that you don’t miss out on a single Child Visa Subclass 802 Eligibility Criteria stated by the concerned authority.

Contingent on
The young ones must be contingent on their respective parents who can be a New Zealand citizen or a permanent Australian visa holder or An Australian citizen. The child can be an adopted one or a biological child or a stepchild. If the young one is adopted then the parents should have applied for this before 18 years of their age. If the young one is a stepchild then the young one should also be under 18 years and should be the child of their step parent’s one-time partner.

Child Visa 802 is granted only if the young one has underwritten who can take care of all the fantasies of the young ones. The underwritten ought to be consented by the government and the person who is giving the underwritten will not get accepted if he or she is found to be guilty in kind of offenses.

Age bar
The age of the young one who is appealing for the visa should be either a teenager or disabled or a tutee that is pursuing his or her studies. If the young one is partially or disabled then the young ones should depend on their parents as they are not able to earn their expenses.

The young one who is older than 18 years needs to sign a document which states that you need to accept the Australian law and life as well.

Visa position
The visa would not be granted if the young one’s visa has been canceled or rejected at least once while residing in the country.

Emigration is only possible if the constitution of the young one allows the applicant to leave the home country and reside in any other country of his or her choice or the young one has a written declaration from the company stating that he or she can reside anywhere around the globe.

Best knowledge of the young ones
The visa will only be granted if it is in the best knowledge of the applicant who is below 18 years.

Single status
The young ones should not be engaged or married. Even if the applicant has attained an age of 18 years still he or she should be single.

Character and health requirement
If the child is above the age of 16, then he or she should go and apply for a character certificate signified in the process. There are specific health requirements that need to be attained while applying for it. The dependent family members may also be asked to come and qualify the health requirements which are stated by the organization.

Owing money
The young ones or the family member should not have any financial amount registered in their names. If there is any such amount registered then you need to repay the amount first or make a provision for the payment and then apply for the visa.

Visa Subclass 802 Checklists

It is quite easy to say that what the need for a checklist is. But if the 802 Child Visa gets rejected then you will understand the need for the checklist. So to avoid all these circumstances it is better to follow a Visa Subclass 802 Checklist to get the visa at the earliest. The below mention points will give you an idea of how to maintain a checklist.

  • Check whether you have collected all the details of the child such as adoption certificate if required, health and character certificate, age certificate, etc.

  • Check the passport of the child for whom you are applying for the visa.

  • Once all this is done, go for filling up the application form through paper mode.

  • After applying if the application gets accepted then you need to verify whether you need to submit any other related details or not. If so then submit it at the earliest.

  • If your application is as per the requirements you will receive information regarding details of the visa.

  • And if the application gets rejected then you will receive a letter stating the reason for it.

Child Visa 802 Processing Time

The particular period is quite hard to say for the visa application of Child Visa 802. But as per the reports, a rough assumption is stated below which will give you an idea about the time. The Subclass 802 Visa Processing Time also depends upon various factors such as is the application form properly filled, did you submit all the necessary papers that are required for the evaluation process.

Type of Visa 25% of applications processed in 50% of applications processed in 75% of applications processed in 90% of applications processed in
Child Visa 802 5 Months 7 Months 11 Months 27 Months

Time for visa 802
As by now you have an idea that this is a permanent visa which allows the young ones to reside in Australia for an unspecified time interval. These permit the applicant to chase their dreams and be a responsible citizen of the country. The Subclass 802 Visaallows the applicant to work in the country as well. The 802 Child Visa authorizes the candidate to access the health care benefits that are under this government.

FAQs of the Child Visa 802

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